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Serving Our Patients and Employees

For the convenience of our patients and employees, Kingman Regional Medical Center (电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全) offers a fully staffed, on-site pharmacy in the Medical Professional Center. In addition to prescription medications, a wide range of over-the-counter medications and medical supplies are available.

PharmacyThe 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 Community Pharmacy provides the following services to our customers:

  • Assistance with over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements
  • Auto-fill to manage prescription refills, including automated voice refill and messaging service
  • Bedside delivery service for hospitalized patients prior to discharge

Does my insurance cover this service?

Prescriptions at the 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 Community Pharmacy are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare, and Medicaid (AHCCCS), with copays similar to those of Medicaid (AHCCCS), with similar copays to other retail pharmacies. Payments can be made with cash or any major credit card.

The 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 Community Pharmacy Has a New Online Medication Filling System for Patients.

The Community Pharmacy has transitioned to a new online medication filling system which includes the ability to access your medication profile as a patient.

Some of the functions include:

  • Requesting refills directly to 电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全 Community Pharmacy
  • Notifications of refill requests and when the prescription has been completed
  • 24/7 access to the web portal from any PC, tablet, smartphone, or internet-connect device
    To access the Community Pharmacy online medication filling system, visit:电子老虎机游戏平台网址大全/Home

To find your profile, use the Pharmacy Zip Code of 86409 and Phone Number (928) 681-8778. Please visit or call the pharmacy if you are not yet registered as a patient.

FillMyRefills 2.0 is the name of the application that can be downloaded for either Apple or Android devices.

Click to Open App Store for Apple: Fill My Refills 2.0

Click to Open App Store for Android: Fill My Refills 2.0

*If assistance is required with the FillMyRefills app, please reach out by dialing (928) 681-8778.